Elegant Female

Jessie Brown

Bianca helped me find potential that I could never articulate and presented me with an unmatched trajectory that leveled up my career.

Woman in Yellow

Avery Smith

I am consistently blown away by Bianca's coaching abilities.  When she is coaching she is 110% focused and determined to help you resolve your issue and move forward to where you want to be.  She is not only calm, compassionate and friendly, she is also genuinely committed to helping you reach your goals, and incredibly effective.  I have learned new things about myself I never thought I’d learn, and have taken my life in directions I never thought it would go, and these things would not have been possible were it not for my time with Bianca.

Mature Businessman

Skyler Adelson

As a life coach you could not ask for a more effective combo of someone who has dug deep into her own life to “do her work” and also someone with the gifts of intuition, insight and intelligence to assist others in their journey. I have been blessed to have Bianca as a guide. Her clear vision helps me see where I’m going, yet she never takes over the process—she lets me find my own way out of the dark.
If you could do one thing right now to move yourself forward on your path in the most “fuel efficient” way, I would recommend the action step of calling Bianca and signing on to work with her!